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By Mel666
I'm a Middle and would love to receive cuddles or being dominated or taken care off or give up the control... but I don't have a chance to find my Daddy Dom, who would want to know that side of me... so how do i turn it off, so I won't have those desires? Hoe to switch that mental block on?
By Deleted User 70612
I am not sure you can. I would like to help and say yes here is the answer but even when I was single I could not turn it off. It was apart of me, it is who I am. I had to learn to accept it and learn how to cope with it. It is hard and there are ways around it. I am sorry it is not the answer you are looking for. I also know how hard it is to find someone out there who is the one as well. I hope you fine your one or you learn a way deal with this. If you need to talk you can find me in main chat I don't mind helping or even just listening.
It's okay not to be very talkative, I understand that a lot of us a probably introverts and awkward during the beginning of conversations but I would like to encourage you to talk to others. Littles can help you to feel more comfortable in your little space/middle space as well as share experiences that may help you to feel happier or understand yourself better.
I mean, if it helps to point it out, you already have started to talk about it. This is a safe space filled with understanding people and you've already made a great start. :pinkh: :pinkh: :pinkh:
How about starting with a hello, and what your little/middle age is and a few things you find joy or interest in when your in that headspace? If you want, you're welcome to message me and we can talk about it and maybe help you get to the point where you're ready and comfortable talking with people. And I do agree with LunaLilac, you have already begun talking about it, now you can choose to continue and maybe it'll become easier, or you can choose not to and try to find a way to put it behind you. I personally feel you would likely not be here if you didn't have some desire for your little/middle side to stay.
Thanks both of you LunaLilac and MrJasonM95 for making this feel safe, but honestly I don't feel safe to let my girl out and it destroying me inside.... so I'm trying to suppress her in day2day activities, but she's actually like my 2nd nature and I see her surfacing from time to time again and again and I don't feel safe to be among other people and feel uncomfortable even talking about my other me....
I understand. Especially with how society views cgl and AB it can be very difficult to be comfortable or feel safe talking to others about it or letting ourselves enjoy it when we aren't completely alone. I can't imagine being a little/middle who has to suppress their other self or feel uncomfortable/unsafe to let them surface or even to be alone when they surface. I do hope you are able to still let her out and be free and happy. Hopefully we can help you. I don't know much about it myself but I feel it's unhealthy to deny her attention. If you find her surfacing again I would suggest giving her some attention and some time in the spotlight even if it's only for a short while. If you want, reach out to one of us here, we'll help with interacting with her and hopefully give her some healthy attention she probably really needs about now.
I can relate to your situation. I'm a little and had to only indulge that side of me when alone which sucks. Especially since my little age is about 5 years old. I have social anxiety and am an introvert among other issues that made it scary and difficult to talk about my little side to others. That all said...please don't give up hope. I thought I'd never find someone that would love little me but I have. My Sir and Ma'am both love and accept me just as I am. They are helping me learn to balance big me and little me without having to suppress part of who I am. Your Middle is part of you. Big you and Middle you are part of a whole. If you block that part of yourself, you will never feel whole and complete. Your Daddy Dom is out there. My Sir found me and sought me out. I didn't know how to go about finding what I needed either and was too scared to try. But Sir found me on a kink/adult interest site and messaged me. He showed me kindness and care right from the start and it just felt right. Never had I felt that someone was the right person to trust enough to let them get close to me but Sir and Ma'am just walked right through the walls I had up to guard my heart and I'm so glad they did. Just a day or two before Sir messaged me, I had laid in bed at night and cried asking God to send me someone to fill my need. Next thing I know, Sir is messaging me and I had found my people. Trust and believe that the right person is out there to love and care for not only Middle you but Big you as well! I'm cheering you on and holding hope for you! I just know your Daddy is out there and he is gonna be the bestest Daddy in the whole world for you! He's gonna give the bestest cuddles and love all of you! :heart: :hugs:
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