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Thank you everyone for all your replies!! :hugs: :splode:

I was pretty down because I didn't feel like the stereotypical little and I felt pretty alone and it made me insecure.. Reading everyone's replies just now made me feel less alone

I hope you all find what you're looking for just like me and you feel more confident too because you're all lovely and absolutely valid!! :hugs: :pinkh: :pheart: :bheart:
phantommaker wrote: 2 years ago
LittleSamantha wrote: 2 years ago another important thing to remember is that every single one of us is a weirdo (and anyone on this site that says their not is a liar) because all of this is weird as hell but that's ok because it's just us and it doesn't hurt anyone (so long as things like neglect don't come into play). we're all here because we're freaks and if anything that's something you should take comfort in because no one is going to judge you.
i love the way you say this. whether we’re caregivers or littles, we’re absolutely freaks. most people wouldn’t want to be either. but we find joy and community in it, which is a wonderful thing.
tis quite true. nothing we do here is NORMAL and that's totally fine because this is what we are and this is how we're expressing it. it's better to be a happy freak than a unhappy normal person.
i feel so embarrassed about it all the time! i enjoy being little, playing with sensory toys, coloring, watching cartoons, etc. but i always have this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that i need to just stop and find some adult hobbies because i'm doing something wrong. and it's even harder for me to talk about these insecurities with my own CG because i don't want to bother them with something they probably can't help me with.

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