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I’ve known I was a little for a while now, and last year I was finally financially secure enough to buy myself a little dollhouse, with cute little dolls, and a pile of adorable furniture~! I love getting to set it up and put the dolls in little poses, but I can’t PLAY with it. Every time I sit down to try and play with the dolls I become really embarrassed and even a little ashamed…

I get my stuffies and my nightgown, and get in my little space, but it doesn’t help. It feels a little like… someone is watching me disapprovingly when I try. I start worrying that maybe I haven’t regressed enough, then I start worrying that maybe I haven’t regressed at all and maybe I’m not even a little! Just some childish adult or something…

A little friend of mine tried to help me, but she wasn’t little at the time, so it just ended up feeling like a grownup making fun of me, and I don’t have a caretaker or anything.

Does anyone one else have any issues like this? Or any advice preferably? I really REALLY want to play with them, I just feel like I’m not allowed too…
i'm not sure i have much advice to give.. being little and overthinking can be hard. so no, i don't think you're not a little. i just think you've been alone too long in this and have been hiding away from many parts of yourself, so i guess now you're just used to what used to be "normal".

i think the hard part comes in when you have to remind yourself that this is normal, that there's a whole community of people just like you yet somehow are all different as well. we may not be with you physically (which sucks), but we're all dropping into little space and finding our way through all these harsh turns :tears:
i do think finding someone to share the space with you until you're comfortable being alone is a good idea. they don't have to be little, just accepting. and they could do their own coping thing while you do yours.
or maybe try talk to a stuffie.. i do it all the time. just continue talking, even if it's mentally, until you get lost in the conversation. then do an activity with them without even thinking about it.
YOU GOT THIS :shuff: and you deserve to play !!

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