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I genuinely wish I wasn’t a little but I don’t really have a choice in the matter and I can’t always stop myself from regressing. I’m so terrified of what might happen if I accidentally slip into that headspace in front of someone else. Does anyone have any advice on this?
Have u tried the resources part of the forum. A lot of useful information there.

But all seriousness, it's going to happen regardless. If you regress in front of someone. Simply let them know that a past traumatic unknown event causes u to regress (or retreat) to a child like state which sometimes needs their help. Nothing embarrassing about it. It's a defensive mechanism to protect the victims fragile mind.

All in all. I found that things like music, chew toys/necklaces. But everyone is different and have unique personalities. I tend to regress to music as well because music can change moods.😋 Maybe practice at home in a safe location. Becareful because u may not regress back as easily as most littles that do it for therapeutic effect it has on the mind.

I hope this helps but keep in mind that there is no easy answer for u. U have to discover your little self. It's part of u and most likely will be for the rest of your life. Friends don't except that. Then they are not ur friends. Same for family really. 😋 Take care now. Feel free to start a chat or private message if u wanna talk. I'm always on.
I agree with BornAgainHappy, this site has some really good resources. And honestly, you would be surprised how normal being a little/regressor is! I've made friends in high school, college, online, and in day to day life who are. We can't always control things like this, but it's nothing to be ashamed of. Pushing your regression away will only hurt that inner child more, so try regressing in safe places to get a better grip on it. Embracing it can help you learn to tame it. There are so many people who feel exactly like you do, and will appreciate you for being yourself. You aren't alone, and try to have fun with it! :pheart:
Well, you can try going to therapy to see if you're regressing due to some issues. That might at least help minimize how much you're slipping and learn new ways to cope and recognize your triggers... However, in my experience it's not so bad or you learn ways to get around it. Like most people just say I'm cute and don't think twice about it...

I'm not a thumbsucker, but sucking my thumb is something I catch myself doing when slipping, so I just bite the tip or press my nail between my teeth. So, its like a half and half thing cause it's more "public appropriate" but i still get the sensation so to speak. Sometimes I tug on my ear or play a game on my phone as distraction... Just little, inconspicuous things I can do to keep myself grounded. Now, if you're baby talking that might be a little harder to cover up, but can always just play it off as a quirky thing you do to be funny
Hey I’d like to thank everyone for their responses they’ve all been really helpful and I’ve realized that my biggest issue is just that I don’t have a safe space at the moment and I’ll have to wait until I’m living on my own and not in a living room to try to understand this part of myself better💜💜💜
Hey I’m just here to update that I’m doing a lot better now and I’m with a partner who accepts me for who I am and even loves that part of me and all of y’all’s suggestions were super helpful so thank y’all 🥰

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