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Losing a little or a cg is very hard i’m sorry you're going thru it but it'll be okay and you can use your time alone to learn more about being the best daddy ever so that way when you find your new baby you will be even better of a daddy. for the sad times, maybe get a stuffie of your own to hold and love and take care of? this is coming from a little so i’m not sure how much that would help but i know stuffies always make me feel better :hugs:
I’m so sorry. Definitely let yourself grieve.

How long was the relationship? Was it online or in-person? Make sure to consider these points. The time and energy you spent building the relationship with your former partner all mattered! This relationship was definitely real even if complex. Thinking of all of that time and effort then it only makes sense to be grieving. You’re reacting normally, and because of that you can rest assured these more intense feelings will pass.

Your profile says: “ I like to praise and show affection to good little girls.” I also see in another post you’ve just made where you’re being flirtatious (by the community’s standards, at least) to another Little who’s posted a photo of themself. Was the relationship polyamorous then? Do make sure you’re prioritizing your healing over your caregiving of others. Let other partners know that you need their patience right now as you grieve and heal. You don’t want to burn yourself out by rushing yourself. :hugs:

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