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By playiinmyhaiir
I don’t enjoy being big. Being big means you have to watch your words, actions, hide. I don’t wanna. I wanna color outside the lines in my color books && not be looked at funny for saying someone is a poopie head when they act like one.

Most times I steal words big me uses so adults can understand me but most times I’m not sure I really know what they mean. It is both funny && frustrating attempting to explain to others why Dora should take better care of her things because I want them.

I hate carrots. Poor bunnies. But little trees are delicious.

Venting means whatever comes to mind right?
By Mollymoo
It’s okay! I don’t wike being big either. And I don’t like it when people judge the way I talk becuase I stutter sometimes, being big sucks only big people are meanies. You know what, don’t eat carrots we can look after bunnies togeva heheheheh
Studdlers are so cute ! No way ! Hiiii Mollymoo I likes you name. Tankchus for saying hi 🙈 we can has fun wif bunnies but mines gonna eat trees 🤗
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By DoveM_EllyL
I hate being big too being big means having to go to work and having to wear adult clothes totally not my idea of a fun time.
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By Banana
Yeah being big is very frustrating. I wanna color too and be small with my stuffies and not talk. Talking too much makes me sleepy. Bunnies are cute though. They have friends? :yay:

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