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I just joined an hour or so ago, so forgive me if I break a rule or sound stupid. But I've always imagined being daddy to a "daughter" who is really in her 20's, but likes to imagine herself as a tween, varying from sometimes as young as 5 up to about 12 on other occasions. There's a lot of difference there... So can one person vary in age that much, one day doing a Dora coloring book and playing with Barbies, and the next day wanting to wear makeup and have a boyfriend? I am 15 chapters into an online book I'm writing about just that kind of girl. But, even still, I wonder how common or even plausible that is.
Please forgive my ignorance.
A Liddle.

Regressors are always adults. I mean, they don’t transform and forget everything they’ve learned and experienced if they regress. So, regressors do not fully replicate a short age-range anyway. Regression ages are determined by the general age range of most of their regressive interests but they will still have interests that will fall outside of that range (including still having adult interests and desires).

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