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By winnibee
Hey everyone! I found out that I was a little about a year ago and have been slightly struggling with that realization ever since. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to have discovered that part of myself and appreciate it for what it is, but I can’t help but feel a bit ashamed of it. Like many other littles, I have always sort of been like this (you know, more “childish” so to speak, preferring cartoons and stuffies over some other “adult” things for example) but to now have a label to it adds a whole bit of weight that I wasn’t expecting. With the label came a feeling of shame and fear that other people would resent me for it. It’s something that has been plaguing my mind for a bit, especially since I am thinking about possibly re-entering the dating pool sometime and I would like a relationship where this aspect is embraced, yet at the same time, being fearful of other’s opinions (therefore, refraining from telling any potential partners). I have then thought about the possibility of joining dating sites (datecgl for example) where there are plenty of like-minded people who won’t judge, but the thought of having a picture of myself up or even being upfront about anything in my personal life holds me back, out of fear that somebody in my in-person life might figure out who I am and be weirded out or hateful about it. Obviously if I am feeling this way, re-entering the dating pool isn’t such a good idea at this point in my life haha ::p: . It’s just something that I was thinking about for when the time comes.

Anyway, I’m sure this is a thing that many littles and caregivers alike have gone through. If you currently have or have had similar feelings and would like to share, then by all means, tell your stories. I would love to hear them!

-winnibee ::3:
Hello! you shouldn't be ashamed of being a little. Its who you are now, and you should embrace it.

People are gonna judge no matter what you do in life, I'd suggest when the time comes to finding a partner just take it slow, maybe drop hints of aspects of dd/lg and get their opinion, that way you know where they stand. There's lots of people out there including myself that like the dd/lg releationships and I'd hope to also find a partner that is into similar stuff like this that i'm into.

Whatever the case may be do hope you figure it out and all goes well!

- Spennz
Yeah you’re completely right, people will judge no matter what. I guess I just needed to be reminded of that haha. Dropping hints is a good idea for sure. Thanks for the reply, it really helped!

-winnibee ::3:

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