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So this is probably going to be quite jumbled, I'm sorry but I just don't know what to do. I got invited to join a cg/l a chat site server (which I won't name), which I did. I arrived and filled out all the introduction stuff they wanted, read the rules and started interacting with people. I got told I posted something inappropriate (called someone a pet name by accident) so I apologised privately and publicly to all involved, as well as posting on the mental health section in case I had accidentally triggered someone. I fully accept this mistake and realise how wrong and inappropriate it was and when I messaged the moderator to apologise I offered to leave if they thought it necessary. They did not, but reprimanded me for "making drama" and "making myself the victim". I was very confused by this and they said that I was over apologising and to just leave it. So I said I'd give the group space before I returned, which again was taken as making myself the victim, which was not at all my intention.
I returned the next day and began interacting with members again (as they had said I could) but as soon as I did the conversation would stop until I didn't respond then continue. I then see that some of my messages have been deleted and I messaged the (same) mod to ask why. They said that I was again creating drama and that I was making myself the victim, which I was confused about because the message was "your outfit is so cute! I'm glad you can dress up!"
I then said to the mod that I felt like they were trying to push me out of the group due to the conversation issue and my messages being deleted, and that if they wanted me to leave to say so. They responded by saying "we told you not to attention seek" and kicked me. I'm really confused by this, yes I made a mistake with the first incident mentioned, but I apologised both publicly and privately to all involved and they told me to move on so I did. What I don't understand is the seemingly retaliatory deleting of messages and conversation stopping (it would start in another chat that I currently wasn't talking in with the same conversation).
I just seem to not get on very well with littles because this is the result
I'm not going to try and get back in the group because I feel that they don't want me there and that it is just going to create drama.
I just need some perspective I guess cause I tried to do everything right and this is the result. I had read the rules

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