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I'm still very new to being a little (took a long time to identify and accept that part of myself), and was just wondering on others thoughts on a daddy/mummy dom calling their little daughter? Or saying they are looking for a daughter?

Personally, it makes me uncomfortable and I guess I just want someone else's opinion on this.
Hi there, and welcome. First off, it is not daddy/mommy DOM as they do not DOMINATE you (not necessarily), they CARE for you. Everything you wrote is fixable, when you find your mommy/daddy, then speak with him/her about what to call you. And certainly, I would be shocked if someone proposed calling you "daughter", it is a rough word, I guess "princess", "pumpkin", "sweet pea" are much more common, but again, when you find a dom, speak with him/her, it is very important to be comfortable completely in these kinds of relationships! Good luck!
Thank you! I'm still learning and used dom as, that would be more the type of relationship I would want.

I know it isn't always the case and that each CGL relationship differs =)

I know what my preference is on what to be called. Just really freaked me out and made me uncomfortable at them using daughter, and then when I said it made me uncomfortable, to be questioned like "But you're looking for a daddy dom, aren't you?"

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