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Dear Caregivers, it is easy to satisfy some of the more common adult interests of your little one, like I don't know, spankies and such. But, is there a boundary for you? Have you ever imagined (dreamed of) having a little with a really strange adult interests? I am curious, would you do it for them even though it is so weird. If you can't think of some weird adult interests, type Eproctrophilia. What would you do if your rules read talk to me about anything at all and then little say to you "I have Eproctophilia". What would you do? It is just an example of a weird adult interest, I am sure there are more such examples...

Sorry if I bother anyone, please do not ban or report me, I am here to learn all about these relationships, and thank you for your answers! I want to know about anything that people do all around the world, from different carrier paths to different adult interests. The only thing I do have is courage and brain that accepts, understands and asks some questions. Sorry once again!
I’m glad you’re asking questions but it feels a lot like you’re not considering the fact that both Caregivers and Littles are just people, who will naturally have their own interests as individuals and who will naturally have to work on building a traditional relationship in many ways to bond to each other if they choose. Also, just in case it was unclear: CGL relationships are actual relationships and aren’t based on sex.

What I’m trying to say is that this question is not specific to CGL at all and is a question that covers literally every relationship. The only answer here is that people should have the freedom to make decisions for themselves when it comes to intimate acts.

Just as with any couple the two would have to work together on fulfilling what they personally are comfortable fulfilling for the other. Sometimes one partner may decline to fulfill that, and that’s still quite reasonable. Sometimes it will spark an interest and the partner may decide to try things out or learn more.

There is no likely outcome or expectation here.

My partner is interested in things I’m not interested in. We naturally discussed these things as we build our bond. Some of these things I don’t entertain or do due to this personal lack of interest. I just don’t want to do some things. And some of the things are just things I’m not exactly comfortable doing for one reason or another. Furthermore, there are things I just physically cannot do even if I wanted to fulfill these things. And all of this is okay! Every person has boundaries. It’s okay to have personal boundaries, limitations, preferences, and choices. We’re just people!

There have been some things my partner has expressed interest or curiosity in that I’ve asked further about. I’ve thought about these things and have attempted to include them in our activities. Though, there have been some things that my partner has discussed with me being interested in and I’ve just outright said, “Okay, well, I’m not going to do that though.” This is a personal choice to be made though so trying something your partner likes is decided by the individual on a case by case situation.

If you’re a Caregiver please understand that you can say no. You can also say no now and change your mind later. You could even say yes now and change your mind later. Heck, you could simply just talk about the interest and do nothing about it!

If you’re a Little then understand that your Caregiver is not required to fulfill all of your fantasies and dreams. Caregivers don’t live to fulfill and facilitate fantasies.

Vice versa to these points!

Nobody should be expecting their partner to fulfill all of their fantasies. Nobody should feel required to fulfill all of their partner’s fantasies. Instead, we should be expected to discuss these topics rationally with our partners and allow our partner to determine their own boundaries, in which we regard as definitive unless told otherwise.

CGL relationships are real relationships. They are people. They are partners just like any other romance.
Dear Motherly, thanks a lot! You are so kind and your partner is the happiest little in the world! I am just a stranger to you and yet you are so educational, reasonable and kind. I do not forget that you are people, just the amount of acceptance and understanding here is very big, much bigger then in any other kind of relationship. In any kind of other relationship, I met only a few people who would say it out loud that they have Eproctophilia out of sheer bravery, because of reaction, they would be called names and insulted. In CGL relationship, any little who built enough trust for their caregivers could say that, because they KNOW they won't be laughed at or called names. That is the difference. I thought you would break a little's heart by saying a "no"... guess the major part of CGL relationship is talking it out. I am still figuring and learning, but one thing is for sure, if I was a little, I would love to have a mommy just like you... being a little isn't so bad as fantasy stories I read make it be... it would be amazing to have someone who understands me... What amazes me is the reaction of people that surround me, I think everyone would be amazed by me being a little, like Big Bear found his match, the girl made Grandmaster a run for his money, where is your Mega Blaziken now...

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