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By ummrylie
Hey you guys!
So I have a little space Journal but I'm running out of ideas! Does anyone have some cute ideas of what I could add to my journal? :heart: :read:
I don’t know if you celebrate but at this time of year I think it’s fun to do a Christmas wish list.
I wrote a letter to santa and cut out/draw pictures from my wishlist 🥰
I like to add photos of things that bring me joy in little space like a yummy hot chocolate on a cold day, stomping through crispy leaves, collecting conkers and acorns etc
About me pages
Regular favourites pages as things change
Dream trips
Tattoo ideas
Favourite foods
I draw favourite memories
Mood based pages
Book/movie reviews
What’s in my little backpack
My perfect day
Selfcare checklist
My rules
My likes and dislikes
Things to do on rainy/sunny/snowy days
Hope this helps !!

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