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By ummrylie
 ! Message from: Motherly
Unsafe practices ahead!

Please see our article for a safe guide to rules:

Hey! I haven't seen this on anything yet. what are some rules that your partners have created! I know me and my daddy have a list of rules and also use the obedience app! What are some of your guys rules? I'll list mine!

no saying no

Words that are too casual will not be tolerated

Kisses are allowed everywhere

NO bad words

NO drinking

NO self-harm

NO drugs (Incl. leaf and a limited intake of nicotine) other than prescription

All medicine must be taken on time

Minimum of 1000 calories a day (must report and ensure satisfactory result)

Ask before you eat or drink anything that does not fit your Keto diet

No keeping secrets from Daddy

Be a safe driver

When master wants, master receives

Communicate when you won’t be available for more than 15 minutes at a time

Communicate where you are at all times and who you're with

Do your best to keep Daddy informed

Good mornings and good nights are required

Any disrespect or disobedience result in punishment (see below)

Any relapses or mistakes must be reported immediately (I won’t be mad, this won’t be accompanied by a punishment

Tell me before you drive

If I have to ask you to repeat yourself more than thrice, it will result in punishment (see below)

Make every effort to stay smooth

If you make master hard you have to finish it upon request anytime, anywhere

You must sleep whenever daddy sets a bed time

More than one missed call will result in a punishment (see below)

Always keep your phone charged and life 360 on

You must ask permission to communicate with other boys

You must ask permission to spend time with others, especially sleepovers

When I say stop, you stop regardless of whether you’re “just joking” failure to do so will result in a punishment (see below)

Turning off your video or stepping out of frame is strictly prohibited

During video calls, you must change on camera making sure to stay in frame

Do not interrupt daddy

Two before, three after

When Daddy says “be polite” you must immediately respond with a proper name and capitalization during texting

When daddy ties you up, no whining or struggling
Many of these rules only pertain to BDSM or are outright unsafe, unhealthy, and/or mentally damaging. Please be safe. Relationships aren’t games.

Closing this thread. I’m sorry but we cannot promote circulating these unsafe practices any longer. This is not what we want for our community or the individuals looking for real help, advice, and guidance.

For a safe rule guide please see our resource article:

I know you mean well, and you did nothing inherently wrong by sharing, but we mean well too. If we know better we must be better!


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