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By Anonbaby
I need some advice and opinions. My daddy recently had been a bit cold and pushy, turning me away and snapping at me. I try to ask what is wrong and support him and he shuts me out. And recently he has made comments about others cheating and saying things like "people who get caught cheating are dumb, you should hide it well and not keep it in the open. If I were to cheat, you would never know" and he has been very pushy sexually, I have not been feeling very well and I've been guilt tripped and feeling forced to please him. He really wants me to suck his lollipop, and gets pissy if i won't. Its embarrassing to say, but he doesn't like to shower all the time and doesn't feel "motivated" so its not for me to do so. And he made a comment tonight saying "if you won't do it, I might as well find someone on the side who will.
We are engaged and I spent all my money uprooting our lives to move to another part of the country, because thats what he wanted.
I am not sure what to do, any thoughts or suggestions? Am I being crazy and unreasonable?
Wow that sounds awful. It sounds like ur relationionship has become toxic. You need a daddy that values you... this one doesn't if he thinks it's ok to cheat on you. I think you need to work on finding a different living space. I worry this toxicity can turn sour real quick. Be safe and know we r here for you :stuffie: :stuffie: :stuffie: :stuffie: :stuffie:
There are some strong indicators here that this relationship is dying. Do you think you could try to ask your partner to seek couple’s therapy with you? It’s the only thing I can think of that can potentially help save what’s left of this relationship.

Additionally though, it sounds like your partner also needs private therapy for his unhealthy mentality that’s developed. He’s clearly not in a good space. He could be acting out due to stress or depression but that’s not up to you to explore and resolve for him.

Touch base with your support system and network of friends and family in case you decide you need to exit. Reaffirm your connections there.

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