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Hi, I've been into abdl stuff for a few years now, been through the usual binge and purge cycles of diapers etc but been constant for quite a few months. I recently learnt about littlespace and is something I really want to try but the problem is I can't enter it. I've tried things like colouring, having a teddy etc but it doesn't really make me feel little. Things like diapers, bottles etc make me feel happy and comfortable but I'm not truly regressed. Probably doesn't help that I fear being caught which certainly adds stress. Can anyone enter littlespace? Is it something I can learn to do or is it the fact that some people can enter and others can't? Thanks
I can understand why you’d want to regress if you already have interest in some of the common regression items like diapers. Regression (aka “littlespace”) isn’t something you can force yourself to experience, and being a little is a personality type so it’s not something you can just learn. Nobody, not even yourself, can teach you how to develop into this personality type. You’re either a regressor or you’re not, and either way it’s okay.

A personality type is how you perceive, interpret, and interact naturally. It’s something that’s always present about an individual.

The thing though is that the regressive trait isn’t about items or about an experience.

I’m terms of becoming immersed into a regressive experience, please know that many Littles, if not most, don’t actually become so immersed as the stories claim. Those stories are our community’s version of romance novels.

Regression fluctuates though. Age regression is a part of a personality and not an experience. Being a Little is scattered throughout daily life, sometimes in mostly unnoticeable ways. Sometimes a Little will feel more regressive than other times. A lot of times it’s much like a mood that can change in intensity, and definitely isn’t transformative to where you forget who you are or what you’re capable of doing. People who say they literally become a child again or forget completely about their adult lives are fibbing.

So, there is no magical transformation where you literally become a child again by completely forgetting reality. Only people with mental health conditions experience that. That isn’t what we’re talking about here. Regression, or “littlespace” as its frequently termed, isn’t a mental health condition, handicap, or a cognitive challenge.

It can be really easy to fall into believing the prominent RP storyline in the community is real or can be real. It can be easy to believe the stories you read, especially when friends are claiming they’re true even when we know better. The truth is, Littles can, and should, be fully functioning adults. The truth is, we can’t and don’t live in fantasy, and a Little absolutely can lead a fulfilling life as an adult (most of the time). The truth is, regression doesn’t make you suddenly become an actual child, a different person, or incapable in any way.

I’d say that you may be a Little if you’re already drawn to regressive hobbies and have interests that align with childhood. The happiness you have may be that regressive expression. You may want to continue educating yourself and spend more time in your self-discovery. Our resources can be a great place to further yourself so I highly recommend you check those articles out too.
Hi thanks for your reply. Very useful. Yeah while I know in reality that the stories online of littlespace probably isn't real, it's hard to really find out what littlespace is like without actually experiencing it so how you've described it helps a lot. I'll have a further search into your resources. Thanks

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