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I'm a closeted little that lives with my dad step mom and step sister and I want stuff for when I'm little but I cant buy my own little stuff the only stuff I have for when I regress is from my ex cg the stuff includes two pacis, some hello kitty temporary tattoos, and stuffies. I have an excuse for the stuffies saying that I'm collecting them and its believable apparently. my family isn't snoopy but whenever I buy something they need to see what it is because "if its in my house I need to now what it is" or whatever my dad said that one time but anyone who knows a why to sneak stuff for regression into my house please tell me. Thank you :heart:
It sounds like you’ve tried to talk to this with them before and they made it clear that they will continue going through your belongings. The hard truth is taking the risk to sneak in trinket items that you don’t even need is not a safe idea. If these other adults, regardless of relation to you, do not respect you enough to trust you aren’t bringing damaging or illegal items into your shared living space then you shouldn’t risk them further disrespecting you by doing something more extreme, such as throwing away your belongings, cutting you off of financial assistance, removing your access to things like phone or internet, kicking you out of the household, or potentially even physically lashing out at you. People who are forcing themselves into positions of authority, such as the case in a dictatorship, often react compulsively or in extremes when their authority is threatened.

I can only suggest you seek to find your own living space, such as an apartment. Invading your packages and bags to go through your personal belongings is not something other adults have the legal authority to do without your explicit consent. A landlord cannot legally dictate the personal belongings you’re allowed to bring into your living space unless the item is potentially damaging to the property in some way or is illegal. It is illegal to open other people’s mail, including packages. I really doubt you have the means to hire an attorney and take them to court over it so it’s just time to move.

It would be best at this point to pick up a job (or a second job or ask your college about any work-study program they may offer) and begin stashing away as much as you can, but even just $20 can quickly add up, per paycheck to cover the deposit for a small apartment. You might look for an “efficiency” apartment first because, while they’re usually quite small, they tend to be the cheapest and most readily available.

If you’re disabled then speak with your case worker and express your desires to move out of your parents’ home. You may need to very firm and adamant that this is what you want. There are assisted living apartments that you may qualify for, and you likely qualify for multiple programs that assist the disabled. Your case worker will know how to get these forms for you and can help you fill them out.

If you don’t want to follow “house rules” then it’s time to relocate and that’s just that. This is your sign that it’s time to spread your wings and leave the nest.
Hey! There are tons and tons of Etsy shops that sell secret things for littles. another great idea is to invest in a stuffed animal with either a twist off head with a pouch inside (kinda scary, I know) or a zipper or velcro in the back. I know this seller who sells pacis INSIDE custom hairbrushes! Others will sell them within sewed up stuffed animals! They're amazing! It takes some looking and searching but you'll find something!

If not, just invest in coloring books and crayons! Listen to music that makes you feel small. Stuffed animals don't have an age limit either!

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