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So, I'm not entirely sure how I got put in this position.
But I currently have three people who all want to be my CG.

One of them just bought me a day-collar from etsy. Ironically, this is also the one who I am most likely not going to end up with, seeing as they think it's weird that I'm little and in the next two months I'm moving two and a half hours away from them.

Another one just broke up with his long term girlfriend......... and despite us being best friends for the better part of six years, he was in a relationship for four of those years. So you can sympathize, I hope, with my hesitation. Further, (and what I believe makes me a terrible person) the last time he came to visit before he broke up with his girlfriend HE INITIATED fooling around. Despite me explicitly stating my desire to stay good. Despite my telling him I wasn't really comfortable with that when he had a significant other.... he got what he wanted, much to my (and eventually his) dismay. In his defense, he did tell his girlfriend about what happened. After they broke up.

And then there's option number three.
And option number three. Is kind of the best option.
He literally told me he just wants to take care of me.
And he's new to everything DDLG but he says that he's into it.
And tbh I haven't been in a proper DDLG relationship in for five years... and that one was... problematic at the best of times. However!!! The Problem Is He's Too Good at Making Me Little I'm Never as Productive as I'd Like Around Him Because I'm too Busy Getting Flustered at How Much Bigger Than Me He Is And How Pretty His Eyes Are But At The Same Time Time Is That Really An Issue.
In the past it wouldn't have been, I would have melted and fallen for every ounce of him in an instant.
But it's not the past anymore... and I'm afraid those experiences have made me jaded. All I see is his lack of college education coupled with a half-thought plan on attendance, the people he surrounded/s himself with, the career path he has chosen... the fact that he's a SoundCloud musician..... It's all just a bit much. I'm not even sure that I want to be with anyone right now. Even though he said he wouldn't call what we had a "relationship" because he, too, has just gotten out of a long-term relationship. The difference between his and option number two's is that he did not cheat, and it was an engagement before they ended things. Once again, you can see how this is a sticky situation.
But he wants want to take care of me so badly.
And I am not usually one to turn down being taken care of.
And when I move, we will go from being the better part of two hours away from each other to a mere 20.
And, to my own credit, I have told him about option number two, and when he comes over, I plan to tell him about option number one that's only really a half option. He asked me if I thought I would cheat on him, and my response was that I never think I'm going to cheat on someone. He seemed okay with that answer, but I'm not sure how okay I was with it.

The entire thing is messy. I just needed to get it all down somewhere, honestly.
Any words of wisdom or encouragement would be greatly welcomed, but, as the subject implies, I am not expecting encouragement in regard to the current situation.
Advice on navigating this, however, would be.... monumentally helpful. Just please be kind. I am v sensitive.
Thank you to all who read this :splode:
It sounds like you already know who to go with. The fact that they're all Caregivers seems irrelevant. It's the same as having three prospect boyfriends. Our best advice is to not lead anyone on, don't give them hopes. It's not nice to mess with other people's feelings just because you haven't made a decision.

It sounds like you've already chosen what you deem as "the best option". Then go with it, commit to it and don't half-wish you went with another option. And once you do, out of respect for the others, let them know you're no longer interested.

You imply it, but we'll say it. Being in a Caregiver/Little relationship is not any different than being in a romantic relationship. Keep your priorities straight and be sure you find what you're looking for in someone if you're wanting to commit. Otherwise, without commitment it either becomes a friends with benefits arrangement, one where all things go, or a situation in which one person is taken advantage of.

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