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Are littles in systems allowed here? I have been trying to find some places that one of our littles can chill at, and I happened to find this place. Before we did anything I just wanted to make sure it was alright! Thanks for any feedback! ^.^ :bheart: :bheart: :bheart:
Littles with mental or physical health conditions are absolutely welcome.

Please know that mental conditions that cause multiple personalities or “alters” are not Littles or littlespace experiences though. Alters, where an individual is literally caught in a mental space that impairs them from even recognizing their physical and mental maturity and capabilities, are not Littles, which are always aware of their maturity and actual capabilities despite their choice to express themselves in regressive forms. Serious mental conditions (likely Disassociative Identity Disorder or what was formerly outright labeled as Multiple Personalities Disorder) that cause personality breaks can only be properly supported by a licensed therapist and medication under medical supervision. You will need to see a therapist to receive the appropriate type of help you truly require to live a comfortable life. If your current therapist is not adequately helping your symptoms then you should absolutely seek out a new therapist for treatment. This is not a mental condition that is recoverable, and is diagnosed as a lifelong disorder. Being a Little is just not the same thing as having DID/MPD.

What I ultimately want to say is that we aren’t a group of therapists that support things like DID/MPD so, while you’re welcome here, keep in mind that this may not necessarily be the place you need to find the proper support. We can fully support the regressive experiences of an adult that’s naturally childlike in expression but cannot adequately support the alter conditions of mental health conditions.

:hugs: Best of luck in finding the right support you need
Sweet, thanks! I know they aren't littles in this way, but that are just also called littles lol
I wasn't exactly seeking help, but more so a place were they can talk freely. Thank you for the answer! I really appreciate it! :bheart:

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