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So I only recently really started embracing being a little and since then I've had trouble staying in my little space/age regression. Because of this, I'm having frequent meltdowns and panic attacks. I don't have a proper cg as of yet and am finding it hard to tell anyone about this stuff...

I want to start a regression journal as I saw someone else on here ask about it but I'm not entirely sure what to put in it. I have a lot of other conditions that are affecting my regression and I'm worried about my own health. Please can someone else me...

I was hoping someone else on here maybe has been through the same thing and could help me? I want to learn how do you keep your littlespace frame of mind? How can I deal with the sudden changes between being regressed and being fully adult?

Thank you
Peach :heart: :-?:
So, I think there are a few points I can toss out for your consideration:

  • Littlespace experience naturally fluctuate, sometimes unnoticeable and sometimes very noticeable.
    • You cannot force yourself to regress or become a Little.
    • A large part of being a Little is the fluidity of the personality. It’s how a person perceives, reacts, and interacts with their environment.
    • Many Littles do not recognize that their reactions, interests, desires, or general demeanor are somewhat regressive.
    • Many Littles never experience times in which they’re immersed in childlike emotion. This is not an indicator of being a Little. Some Littles never experience times where they clearly very regressed.
  • A Caregiver isn’t going to make you any more or less Little.
    • Your personality, and expression of such, does not depend on another person’s involvement.
    • Caregivers cannot actually make you regress.
    • Caregivers are best at being supportive, romantic partners that encourage their Little counterpart to make achievements and face expectations of maturity they may lack confidence in performing.
  • Littlespace experiences should not impact your mental health.
    • Regression is not a “coping mechanism”.
    • Regression is not a substitute for therapy.
    • Regressing isn’t going to help you solve problems. You can’t just run away from problems and expect them to all disappear or self-resolve.
    • Regression is self-expression, which can lead to some feelings of stress-relief, but cannot cure conditions such as anxiety or depression.
    • Littles do not need to have an immersive regression experience.
Please see a therapist. Please love yourself enough to get the help you truly need. If your current therapist isn’t helping with your panic attacks or “meltdowns” then it’s time to find a new therapist who does help. Regressing isn’t going to fix whatever it is you’re struggling with, that’s ultimately causing you all of this distress. While journaling is great, it by itself also isn’t going to resolve real problems you may be facing. Please give yourself the gift of finding a licensed therapist to help you. You are worth that. You don’t have to be worried about your health, there is help! :hugs:

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