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So... I got caught by my parents with diapers.
I've been thinking about getting diapers for a bit now.

My parents had gone out on an appointment, so I thought "this is my chance!" and went to the nearest supermarket. They had incontinence pants. I know they're not really diapers but it's a start, right? But I had miscalculated the time I spent in the store, because when I got back home, my parents were there too. They wanted to know what was in my bag and were shocked when they saw the diapers, so I made up a lie that I couldn't get to the toilet in time at night. (not that that's really a lie it has happened a few times but not as much as i led them to believe)

They were obviously concerned and tried to give me tips on how I could prevent that "without wearing diapers at your age". :-.-:
I feel bad now but I'm also really nervous about telling them that I'm a little and just wanted to try them out.

Does anyone have any advice?

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