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My whole life, people have seen me as weird and "creepy", even as a kid. They'll find any reason. Because I'm ugly, autistic, feminine, don't socialize well,...

But being a Little seems to add so much more to it. "An adult enjoying things meant for kids?? They must be a predator!!" is what they say.

Especially those of us who are male, we get all sorts of accusations. Maybe caregivers also get them,but I am not into CGL so I don't know.

It doesn't matter that I'm asexual and don't wanna be anywhere near actual kids, people will find some way to make me seem like a monster that must be avoided at all costs. Thus, I have noreal life friends, because people are just too close minded.

And for people who are sexual- as long as its only between consenting adults in private, and isn't hurting anyone, why would it matter what they do??

How do you deal with your interests and life being called creepy?

I learned that there's limited things I can like. Kid's video games are okay for adults to like apparently, so I can discuss those, but not much else. :shakeno: I just can't be my authentic self around anyone.
We are sorry that you've had these sorts of experiences throughout your life. We can understand being viewed as "different".

Most of our sour experiences revealing our Littleness to others have just been awkward encounters with people we thought were close enough to understand. But for the most part, we've been successful in choosing who to tell more about our personality, meaning that we have their acceptance (not necessarily understanding, as it can be a difficult topic to explain).

We think what has helped us is that we naturally give a fun, goofy spin to activities that allow so. If there was a chance to go to take our friends to the toy store we would take it. If we could hang around and relax we would go with that. And throughout the day we sprinkle little things, like very plain jokes, very silly sayings, dances, all sorts of rapid actions that feel right to do without irrupting other people's lives.

Every Little is different though, so we can understand not having the same means of self-expression. We are more outgoing than timid when in Littlespace, but that may mot be the case for others.

Being a Little is much broader than having an interest in childlike activities. It is a personality type, and there should be no shame in who you are as a person! It isn't necessary for people around you to know about your Little identity– you can be who you are without labels.

We've never had issues with seeing ourselves as creepy. We think our thought of "there's no reason for us to be afraid of harming others because we will simply never do it" unconsciously helped. Being Little has always been a very personal part of who we are, and our personality doesn't at all depend on others or how others view us.

We hope that you can find comfort in those around you. Even if they may not accept you or understand you, Littlespace is about relaxation too, so hopefully you can find relaxing times with them while you yourself get to manifest a bit of how you feel inside.

Best of luck! :remind: :pheart: :pheart:

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