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By Vedia
So my sister and mom are coming in for easter weekend and i have decided im not going to hide all my little stuff. Im not going to fully regress while they are here or make some kind of announcement but i am also not going to hide part of my life away like im ashamed of it. All my little stuff stays in bed room if im not using it and if they had any idea what privacy ment they wouldn't see it anyway so they can either ask me any questions they have or ignore the fact that i have a paci and sippy(my little clothes are like stuff i use to wear all the time anyway). Either way i will respect what they chose to do. I am still nervous even thought i know they probably won't care and are very accepting.
Update: my mom wasnt around very much so she didn't notice anything or didnt say anything about it. My sister didn't pay any attention, even though her bag was right next to my night stand where i keep my binki. But... We were talking about different lifestyles and kinks and stuff and she said she didn't why anyone would like "acting like a baby or toddler" and i couldn't hold my tounge. I told her i was a little and we talked about it some and she asked some questions and even let me get my binki when i got strssed about talking about it, then said she didnt know how she didnt notice it on my night stand. After we were done talking she said she still didnt get it but if made me happy she wouldn't judge and would support me, she just isn't sure she would want to be around when i fully regress. Her main question was how my daughter, who is 18 months old, acted when i was little in front if her and when i told my sis that my daughter loves it cause i get in the floor and play more on her level she was happy. So over all it went well and i am happy that someone other than my husband knows.

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