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Hello Guys, I am new here. Just made my account today actually. I read the DRL questions that you no longer accept but I hope that is okay. I am currently in a DLR with my daddy....or I think I am. Honestly, I do not know what we are but I want him. I want him so bad and I reach out to him but I am not getting much back. I feel like the only time he wants me is when we have a "sexy time" even then, he leaves me after we are done when all I want is cuddles and snuggles and to talk to him on the phone. I am left alone and I feel alone and as if I did something wrong. I hate it and I do not know how to tell him. I am shy and I hate confrontation of any kind. He is my first kind of anything, my first real relationship ( if that is what you want to call it) so I think I am attached. I am attached to him, I love him and I need more from him and I do not know how to go about explaining how I feel and what I need from him. I do not want to ask too much of him. He works the third shift and his job is very dangerous so he is tired during the day.... I am just lost and I am confused as to what I need to do. Can someone please help me? I do not know how much longer I can take of this, it's hurting me.....
Long distance relationships are definitely challenging at times. It can make connecting difficult as well as keeping that connection going strong. In some ways it’s a lot of extra work with less benefit.

All relationships have ups and downs. Love fluctuates in intensity too at times. Stress definitely can play a part in feeling like you’re losing a connection.

I think the only good answer here is to talk with your partner. He isn’t a mind reader and isn’t likely to suddenly realize you’re feeling a low point in the relationship. By not saying anything you’re just giving him signals that everything is okay.

Even though he works long, intense hours he should still be able to interact with you at times. Maybe he feels under pressure to “perform” for you as a caregiver and intimacy is the easiest way for him to do so. I’m not sure but I feel like you’ll understand better once you open up and tell him you’d like to have more chats with him. Maybe ask to speak with him on the phone so he can hear that you’re just relaxing with him and not demanding he “play a part” when you just want to talk and get to know him even deeper.

It may also be helpful to read through some base questions to think about talking with him to get a better understanding of what he believes the CGL relationship dynamic should be like. Maybe you two don’t exactly align but gaining a better understanding may help you better align.

Perhaps joining forums, chats, and groups together could help motivate you two to interact more with one another without things feeling too one way or intense after a long day. I feel like my partners and I bonded a lot when we were still long distance by us being involved in the community. Sharing something relaxing together can help a relationship to grow too so even if the community is not your favorite place to engage with together you could try games, shows, or something else you two might be interested in (like a fandom).

Enjoy walking your path together and I wish you the best of luck.

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