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Hi everyone! ::3:

I'm having a lot of trouble and am fighting with myself over this and am very confused. This is my first post here so I hope it's in the right section.

My problem is that I'm wondering if I'm in the right mental state when I'm in Little mode. Not emotionally but am I actually a Little or pretending to be one?

Let me explain.

When I'm in little mode (or what I think it is for me) I like playing with my stuffies, sucking on my paci, and don't like doing big girl things. However I still think on big girl problems. I still worry about if I'm being too loud. If the window is open, I'm worried about someone overhearing me and if I'm bothering them. I still think about how I need to clean up if I make a big mess with my toys in the tub or how i need to put everything away after I'm done because company is coming over later.

I don't even want to try diapers, even when I'm in little mode, cause it doesnt make me comfortable and I grumble at Daddy when he asks. I'm worried I'm not truly a Little cause I still worry about Big Girl stuff even when I feel I'm in Little Mode.

Am I not really one? Is something wrong with me?
To me being a little only goes to the point you like so if you don't want to be a baby type little then you are doing just fine at least to me because when I am in my little mood I suck my paci and use my diapers more and although we don't have any baby toys I wish we did for those times but being a little to me means going as far back as you feel comfortable with so keep doing what you are doing and you will be fine
This sounds very realistic and normal. You don’t sound fake to me.

Regression fluctuates. Being a Little is scattered throughout daily life, sometimes in mostly unnoticeable ways. Sometimes a Little will feel more regressive than other times. A lot of times it’s much like a mood that can change in intensity, and definitely isn’t transformative to where you forget who you are or what you’re capable of doing. People who say they literally become a child again or forget completely about their adult lives are fibbing.

It can be really easy to fall into believing the prominent RP in the community is real or can be real. It can be easy to believe the stories you read, especially when friends are claiming they’re true even when we know better. The truth is, Littles can, and should, be fully functioning adults. The truth is, we can’t and don’t live in fantasy, and a Little absolutely can lead a fulfilling life as an adult (most of the time :wink: ). The truth is, regression doesn’t make you suddenly become an actual child, a different person, or incapable in any way.

I’ve found that more than constant regression Littles want to be nurtured and accepted for sometimes feeling overwhelmed or incapable of typical adult expectations. Littles flourish and lead more fulfilling lives when being emotionally supported and encouraged to make achievements as adults!

Try not to compare yourself to the fantasy storyline that is spread in the community. You know regressed feelings don’t transform you into forgetting everything! You know you’ve found happiness and joy in your more adult accomplishments! You know it isn’t “be an infant” or nothing! You know it isn’t be only an adult or be only deeply regressed, and that these things mix a lot of the time! It’s okay to be you. It’s really, truly okay to just be you. :hugs:

You’re also welcome to check through our resource articles. You’ll find that you fit in with this community, and as identifying as a Little, perfectly.
I have only accepted my little side around a year ago and just started exploring it a couple months ago so im still new to this but this how i see it. I use to have the same concern, still do sometimes, but from talking to people on here i come to realize there is no right or wrong way to be little. Sometimes i can play and i am just in that moment and all my big girl worries, though still there in my mind, are pushed away to deal with later. Other times i want the comfort of my little things(my paci or stuffie) while i deal with big girl things(house work or financial stuff). And all kinds of areas in between. I hope this helps and didn't confuse u more.
By Deleted User 31498
There's no "true way" to be a little. It is whatever works for you. I don't regress at all, but I do have a little headspace. When I'm in it I'm still aware of adult things but they're not that important for me. I don't use diapers, they're not for me. Being little doesn't look one way for everyone, its super wide and varied.
I am still new to being more active in my Little identity, but I am like you where I will be Little-Scout, but Big-Scout is still bumping around in my brain thinking about work/my health/uni etc. Being Little-Scout gives me the spell slots to deal with all the things that come with being "an adult".

For me, if grizzling and asking for appy juice and little-lunch while trying to write my dissertation means I actually get the dissertation written, then that's what Little-space is supposed to be for me :heart:

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