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So I recently got my tongue pierced ::3: it looks super cool and really helps my pretty severe oral fixation, BUT it's kinda hindering my other big source of comfort for my fixation - using my pacifier. It's not fully healed, so I'm still using the slightly longer bar...but still, does anyone have any insight on how their mouth piercing(s) affect how they use a paci? or on whether or not if it'll just be a bit uncomfy from now on? :pinkh: thanks~
I’ve had my tongue pierced twice, and kept the piercings for about 9-10 years altogether. After it heals you’ll, majority of the time, totally forget you have the piercing. You’ll be able to suck, lick, and chew as if you’ve always had the piece of metal there as long as it’s a typical piercing placement and not at the tip of your tongue. It really won’t truly interfere with typical adult pacifier usage if your bar is the correct size (which you shouldn’t change out until you’ve healed sufficiently, of course).

After it heals, if for any reason you just didn’t like it when using your pacifier then you could remove it for a few hours without any issue of it healing through.

Don’t be worried if it feels like your tongue is ultra sensitive or clunky right now. That feeling will pass and it’ll feel completely normal again.

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