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I’m a new little. Since meeting my partner who has been a daddy for a while. Since getting to know more about the community I am realising how much more of a little I am than I ever knew!! I’m still not sure on my age yet but I’m still exploring!

I want advice though on sexy time and I want to find the advice without my daddy’s help to surprise him.
He uses phrases like ‘use your words’ and ‘what do you want me to do to you’ and when he says it i find it sooo sexy that I clam up and don’t know what to say?
I want to blow his mind and say things he really wants to hear. I also want to find my inner ‘sexy little’ I’m very awkward and shy but want to find my sexy side and I’m looking for advice on how to instigate sexy time also, without being and coming across awkward and shy allllll the time :pacy:

I hope this makes sense Thankyou soooo much for any helps xxxx :heart: :splode: :pinkh:
This is definitely an important question in relationships where sexual compatibility is a factor, but please understand that we aren’t a sexually-based site and having an entire thread dedicated to explicit instructions on how to sexually arouse your partner so that you can engage intimately with them definitely will exceed our ~PG-13 standards goal. This just isn’t the place for advice on how to explicitly turn on your partner, that’s all. I’ll consider creating a hidden/private forum for questions like this in the future though.

There is a site very much centered around kinks and adult interests. If your regression is an arousal point, kink, or adult interest for you and your partner then that might be a helpful place to read through. It does certainly get quite explicit with a variety of sexual interests, such as BDSM, aside from regression so be prepared for that if you decide to scout that site out.
We certainly encourage you to read through our resources and share them with your partner if you find any of value to you during your self discovery and exploration.
Your partner is welcome here but also to join CaregiverWay for even more support.

Enjoy your path!

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