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I’m a regressor! i’ve had plenty of cgs, fake and real. But I have a cg now who i absolutely adore. They are new to the community and im extremely shy about my little space. They don’t know quite how to react the way im used but they try their best! It’s more babying than being taken care of with them. I’m an angel, im very sweet and a pretend brat. I would like them to step into the role more but i don’t know how to tell them! they are so supportive and more than willing! Any tips for me and them as a caregiver??
Hey! :hi:
You could try showing them some online resources about age regression and how you cope with it. This way, they could understand how you regress if you're feeling shy about it showing them outright. I'm sure if they understand how you regress and what you like during regression they'll be able to step up for the role of caregiver and suit it for your needs too!!

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