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So I Like To Regress And Be A Little, And Just Recently Somebody Said If I Could Be Their Mommy, But I've Never Been A Mommy Before So I Don't Know How It Works. So When I Told Them No They Started To Scream And Cry So That's When I Said Yes. But I Don't Know If It's Ok To Be A Caregiver But Also Be A Little.?
Hi there, I don't know the whole situation, but it sounds like you said yes because they got really upset and you felt bad for them, not because you really wanted to say yes.

You should never say yes to something that makes you uncomfortable for the sake of someone else's feelings. That's a rule for life in general. If someone's way of making you agree is to throw a big fuss and make you feel terrible, that's not going to lead to any sort of healthy relationship.

Or maybe you are okay with it and don't mind giving it a try, in which case yes of course you can be both a little and a CG. It seems like there are many people who are and youll see sometimes they refer to themselves as switches.

Take care and be safe. :)
I don’t think there’s anything wrong with pretending to be or roleplaying as a caregiver sometimes. A lot of Littles like to “play house” just like biological kids!

I’m sorry you were pressured into the relationship, and as a specific role you don’t truly identify as in the community. You should talk to your partner and explain that you are truly just a little but that you’re okay with roleplaying as Mommy (if you actually are) so that your partner understands that you may have different comfort points in caregiving and should be expected to regress too. Your partner should respect your identity too, and I’m sure they will after some conversations about it. Just be clear and honest!

Best of luck on your path!

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