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So I know this probably sounds like a silly and pointless question but do you guys have rules you set for yourself? And if you break the rules do you punish yourself? If so how do you do that?

Sorry I'm in a weird headspace and feeling really frustrated with myself and since I have no caregiver to look after me and set any rules and all that, I just randomly thought about if anyone with no caregiver like myself did this to keep themselves in check
Ah I wish I could help but I'm bad at following my own rules hahaha I really try but I just end up slipping as I have no one to help me reinforce them and make sure I stay on track (and my mental illnesses do make it hard for me to stick to the routines I try to create)

but if you're good at keeping yourself on track then try a task/reward system!!! I really don't have any other ideas and I'm sorry, I'm also quite new here but welcome :hugs:
I don't and feel like I should. Whenever I try to clean or organize anything at my house I start out with gusto. That lasts for an hour or two and then I get extremely overwhelmed and I have to take a break... but a lot of the time that break will last weeks. Things will then pile up on top of what I had attempted making it seem like I didn't do anything at all. Then I just get more and more stressed out to the point where even thinking of doing any cleaning or organizing sends me into a panic attack... it's just too big :cold:

The hard part for me is that I know if I gave myself rules/chores to adhere to daily that it wouldn't get this bad and I wouldn't have such anxiety over it. But I can't seem to follow any rules for more than a few days before I forget or lose motivation(I have bad diagnosed depression and anxiety disorders). I don't know, it makes me feel inadequate when I can't do basic adult things regularly :craze:

So I guess if we're talking like chores then no I don't have any self imposed rules

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