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A week ago my bf/cg dumped me for not taking our relationship far enough without making it clear that's what he wanted. Lately, I've been trying to take my mind off it by either staying busy or regressing but neither seem to help and I feel like I eventually have a mental breakdown in a bathroom stall at school or work.
I have diagnosed panic and anxiety issues as well, In fact, it'd gotten to the extent that my work had put me on leave. Since I think they've been getting better, but I'm still on medical employment limitations due to my high-stress levels. While I'm not a medical professional or a genius or anything, I'd be more than willing to talk and offer some of what I find helps me. I'm a university student as well, although because of my stress I have had my classes put on hold as well for the time being. My number one suggestion would be to talk to someone at your school about it, the health and wellness center was my number one go to. I went there when I started to realize that I was having a serious problem and that it was affecting my studies. Starting there is also beneficial because if your stress eventually leads to failing grades or missed classes, or in my case even missed exams, it's ideal to have a history of the stress you'd been going through as evidence you can use in a request for a backdated withdrawal from any failed classes. I had two really bad semesters as a result of everything I was going through. I'm rather closed off to people when I start to break down so I tend to hide away until I can find someone that I can trust to talk to. It'd taken several trips to a psychiatrist before I was willing to open up and tell my parents what was going on and I later found out that my grandmother used to have some anxiety issues too and when I finally opened up to her I found that she was a lot of help. But the true number one thing to do is to know that you're not the only one out there, and while our experiences may seem a little different, Just know that when you start to think that maybe you need help is usually the point at which you really do and it's time to start reaching out. But I'm free to talk if you'd like to dm me, I'm not going to ask or push you for any personal information, you only ever have to share what you feel comfortable sharing. But I have several tips and tricks that worked for me, and also many that didn't, but may still work for you. There's just soo much information out there, so I think it would be beneficial to start with a list of things that you like to do, and things that might have changed or you find you've started losing interest in since losing your cg. And just because you're cg isn't with you anymore doesn't make you any less so don't beat yourself up, and don't think you can't still regress when you need to. You don't need a cg to color at the coffee table in front of cartoons and you can prep your own 'little' snacks in advance and eat those while you're in your little space. I like to have apple slices and a blob of peanut butter from time to time, and since I'm single and I don't have a daddy of my own, I pre prep things like that and stick them in the fridge so while I'm little I can just waddle up to the fridge and munch. I'm what people have called a fluid little, I vary in age from 2 months to twelve years and I have a kitten side as well, so there are some roles of me that are easier to manage without a cg, but there are ways to work around it so don't get too down. Just remember there are plenty of fish in the sea and you'll find another cg in time. But rather than freaking out or going off in a frantic search just to settle for someone who may not be your perfect match, it's better to go out in search of true friends, people who you can open up to, who won't pass judgement and who understand your lifestyle. Friends are your safety net, they're the ones who can offer support and advice when you need it most. So keep your chin up and remember there are plenty of people who give a plushie or two about you and how your feeling. :hugs:
I'm sorry to hear that you lost your bf / cg. It can be especially hard when dealing with school or work and having a sudden surge of emotions well up, or having difficulty staying focused. If you notice a surge of panic or anxiety coming on, it really helps to do slow, deep breathing and focus on your breath for a minute or two. Close your eyes if you can.

Talking with a school counselor is also a good idea. You don't have to mention anything cg/l related; they can still help you process your feelings and emotions of the breakup. Don't be afraid to lean on any friends you have during this time too; a good friend who can make you laugh or smile helps heal the heart.

And if you need anyone to listen, this community is here for you. :pinkh:
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