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I’m a little and I met a guy online we talked for two weeks met a week in of talking I already called him daddy and he was calling me baby girl and talking how I wanted and saying sweet things. After the second time hooking up which he was aggressive alrady in bed and didn’t make sure I was okay... anyways after second time he left and he went on trip so I waited he told when got back and started to replying 4 hours a part and I was really scared .. so I texted him that I was worried and called after the text his phone was turned off I haven’t heard from in a week he just ghosted me ... I don’t know what I did I blew up phone asking for answers I know that bad and toxic . I feel like I don’t wana be here anymore I feel like I’m a mess and I push people away . Idk what do . I keep trying to reach out but nothing ... just looks at my messages .. idk what’s going on why he did that he won’t tell me anything . I also have a prosthetic and I was vulnerable not only vulnerable because I’m little but I have disability and showed him and I don’t do that .. how do I move on
Really sorry to hear of your bad experience Babycleoo. One of the things that can really help with moving on after being ghosted is expressing your feelings and getting them out by writing them all down. Everytime you think something, you write it down in a journal, notes app on your phone, evernote, deviantart or wherever..every single day just get your thoughts out of your head and written down..Time heals all wounds and until that happens you can use this expression as an outlet.
Others may tell you that ghosting is common nowadays or they may point out that you didn't push him away and while that's true, it doesn't help you to express your feelings so for now just get all those thoughts and feelings out, talk to people about it and write it down. Hope this helps, If you have any questions or want to talk more about this then feel free to private message or continue this thread.
Again sorry for your loss but if he was aggressive then you may have got lucky that he left sooner rather than after causing irreparable damage.
I'm sure you'll bounce back very quickly, you seem to have a good head on your shoulders! Meanwhile this site has a really cool chatroom where you can chill & get to know other littles & Daddy Doms like me. You can private message or just talk in the room, everyone here is really friendly & supportive :)
I'm so sorry that that happened to you. Unfortunately anyone can call themselves a Daddy / Caregiver and not have the slightest idea in how to treat and take care of a little. There's nothing wrong with having a kink and being dominant, but littles are gentle souls who need to feel safe and comfortable and be able to trust their caregiver. It's not okay for a Daddy or Caregiver to use a little once for their own pleasure and then toss them aside (unless that was expressly understood and agreed upon from the beginning) with no regard to the feelings or the well-being of the little.

Please know that your worth is in no way diminished by this experience, and you deserve all the love in the world. I hope you feel better and I hope you find someone who cherishes you and appreciates you for all that you are. :)
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