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:hi: Im thinking about starting a "All About Me" binder, so I can save my memories for when I want a daddy and a mommy.... Because let's face it; my memories are the best there ever going to be, so if I want to remember something I need to write it down now....

What do you think about it?

And where do you think I should start with all about me?

:pinkh: Im thinking about a little bit about myself in the beginning and introducing important people to me section (like family and friends), then starting with my birth in 1992 to 2001 as section 2, 2002 to 2007 as section 3, 2008 to 2011 as section 4 and 2012 to present, would be section 5.

:pheart: And just what would a Mommy and Daddy want to know about me??? My favorite teachers? Colors? What my childhood bedroom was like? What I played with as a child? When was I diagnosed with learning disabilities?

:bheart: :pheart: :pinkh: I would love to hear ideas about it.
Sounds like a great idea gin! :splode:

Some people have a memory jar into which they put their favourite colourings, songs, rhymes, adventures, neat sightings, weird things & even dreams but a binder is much more organised. :yes:

Such a cool way of logging your journey of when you notice the beauty in something, notice or hear something cool, and it just it feels like an authentic moment that’s worth reliving. A really nice thing to visit when you get to the end of your wonderful day and think of all of the things you’re grateful for to write about (There’s always something to be grateful for even on stressful days!) :heart:

I once met a girl that showed me a video diary app that lets you record lots short vids every day and then when you have a few it makes each recording one second, combines them and adds music to give a short video of your memories for that time..I think it’s called 1 second every’s free and has high ratings/reviews but also has in-app purchases.

The binder/journal idea is probably better for a little though as it’s a place to keep all those best memories.
Influential people, favourite teachers and colours are all great ideas but also keep noticing and recording those magic moments, I’m wishing all the best luck with this awesome personal project idea, am sure it will be excellent!


That sounds like a really good and fun idea! I'm now wishing I had done this!

I think it makes sense to start it either from your birth, like you mentioned, or if there was a defining or concrete moment when you decided to start embracing your little self into adulthood, you could start there too, and share your story and journey.

I think a Mommy or Daddy would love to know all about little you, including all your favorites: favorite color(s), animal(s), people, shows, books, activities, and any memories that really stand out to you or had an impact on your life.

Good luck on this project! :pinkh:
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