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Hi, I only recently realised that I may be a little with the help of a friend, so this is all still very new to me. I'm just looking for help or an opinion, since every time I've gone to bed whilst in what I assume is my little space, I can't sleep properly and end up tossing and turning all night. Is there something I should be doing that could help?
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By Seth21
When U try to go to bed as a little I like to be bundled up in a thick plush comforter, I like to be nice and warm, and I'll roll myself nice and snug into a burrito, remember to fold the bottom part of your blanket over your toes before you do so or they'll get cold at night. Also, I like to hold and cuddle things at night, I have a body pillow that I place between my knees and I lay my shoulder on it before rolling up so I am at an angle and smooshed against the wall, the couch back, or other pillows I'd piled up on the bed for some support on either side of me, while I wrap my arms tightly around a soft plushy and lay my head down on my pillow, sometimes I snuggle my plushy while I do so to keep my nose from getting cold.

Hope this helped, essentially I wrap myself up to prevent night time tumbling, and flailing. But everyone's sleeping habits are different, and there's really no wrong way to sleep as a little, so long as you're safe, comfortable, and getting the rest you need.
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