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So sometimes when I'm trying to describe myself to people I feel like I'm just going around checking all of the boxes as I go around :sadno: . I mean I identify with different roles, as my baby self at 2 months, my toddler self at 4 years, my little/middle self at roughly twelve (mind you I'll still throw some shade and the odd temper tantrum. But it's a lot more mature a temper tantrum than my toddler self, instead of throwing my binkie or sippy cup across the room and stomping my foot, I'm more likely to start yelling and storm off. :srsly: (Okay, so maaaaaybe not exactly mature, but about as mature as a rebellious almost teen can be when I feel like everyone is out to ruin my fun.) But then there's me when I'm a kitten, not old enough to be nimble in any sense of the word or to show any claws, I'm more of the kitty with a whole lot of attitude and not much bite, but I am clumsy and I like keeping my humans at a safe distance. ::p: but can you really blame me for that? I mean every human I skitter into is either trying to stroke my ears which is rather annoying or they're trying to tug at my tail or pet me... I'm NOT the sort to be randomly mauled... I like moderate affection, but really I like personal space to be a real thing when I'm trying to find a good napping spot, I don't like being disturbed, (I'm no a mission you know :-.-: )

But is it okay to still be ALL of me, at different times of course, but Still? I meant, do I have to give up three quarters of myself to fit in, even if I kinda fit in all over the place??? I don't want to give up my video games, but I don't want to give up my opportunities to lick the spoon and stick my fingers in the bowl when we're baking... I don't want to give up diaper time, or my bottles, or playing with random strings of yarn taped up on railings and drawer handles in random spots all over the house... :sadno: I just don't know. I mean I know the community here is accepting, but am I really pushing it though? Any thoughts or even advice would be nice to hear, or even an opinion if you have one you'd be willing to offer.
I think its okay to have more than one little self. But I think you can call yourself a fluid little, and morph the first three into one little, and the furlittle would be your second little.

Take me for exp. I feel myself between the ages of 5 to 16, so I call myself a fluid little because my little is changing. Now, mind you I don't have a cg so my little isn't "set" I feel because of it. I could go even younger perhaps.

I hope this helps with your question and self realization. :pheart: :pinkh:
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