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:<3: i was wondering if any other littles liked to pretend to be pregnant like i do! ive enjoyed “being pregnant” since i was a little kid(even as a Little i do!). im not sure why, but it’s very comforting and soothing to have a belly and pretending it’s full of something, whether it’s a baby(not my ideal choice) or maybe something cool like a little baby dragon or unicorn!!! :craze: ive found that wearing a fake bump(which is normally just a round stuffie i put under a tank top) is very comfortable while wearing a pajama onesie(especially my kangaroo one, it’s quite fitting!)

this was kinda just me letting my feelings out lol, but feel free to reply if you enjoy pretending to be pregnant too!!!!

(i normally pretend im having a baby named Kiwi, who is a cute lil dragon waiting to come into the world!)
I actually enjoyed doing something very similar when I was smaller; I would use pillows instead of stuffies. Since then it's sort of morphed into the closest I can get to anything of a sexual nature; a kink if you will. I still use pillows and onesies, but not in anyone's view.

I went through one time where I was pretending to be mother to a brood of unicorns; it was rather nice. ^^
By Deleted User 56682
When I saw this post I was like "Hecking No!" But then I remembered when I was younger & totally obsessed with Twilight, I would sometimes pretend I was pregnant with Edward's baby :derp: I was so into it, I even used an app that morphed my picture with Robert Patterson to create our very ugly baby :tears:
So even though the thought of babies terrifies me now I do remember how fun it was to imagine having a little bundle of joy baking inside of me & thinking of how much I'd love it & take care of it & teach it stuff. Ah it was great lol!
Hiyeee! So glad to see a post about this! Im older than most on here I am sure.. I have three grown sons 27, 25, 23. When I was widdle I would pretend I was pregnant and put rolled up pillowcases or towels under my shirts. I would've died if anyone had known about that! But even now I find myself doing that and pretending Im prgo. I loved it when I was pregnant for real and you may too but even as a litte I fond myself yearning to be pregnant or I still just like pretending to be. Its still scary to put this out there but I just did. Society has such a stigma on EVERYTHING!
Have a happy day!
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