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I’m confused. I act like my younger siblings (4 almost 5 year old sister and a 3 year old brother) when I play with them. Does that mean that when I age regress, I’m in the toddler age range? I can become quite bratty when I want something and my family says “no” or when my electronics get taken away (especially my phone that I was given when I was 15). I even chew on things even if they aren’t food! I even freak out whenever I see lightning!
If you're asking if 3-5 is your regressive age-range then please understand that we don't know. We aren't you. We don't know nearly enough about you to be able to give such a specific, personal evaluation of you. I know, it stinks that you can't just ask someone else to get this answer, but it's too deeply personal for us to just know about other people.

Just like a therapist couldn't even come close to an accurate evaluation of your entire history, personality, and regular mental state just with a couple of paragraphs about you. A group of strangers on an anonymous online forum also cannot tell you who you are or where your littlespace commonly falls. It's okay though, and it's okay that you may be in a little self-doubt mood in your journey of discovering yourself.

You are you though! You can figure this out. You do know, deep down inside of you.

It's not a bad step to compare yourself to biological children during your self-discovery. It can be helpful when reviewing some of your interests, mannerisms, and thought patterns. It's good that you've taken your time to do some comparisons like that. You may even want to make a personal list of comparisons so you can keep track of these things.

You can also do some other comparisons of your more trivial interests in television and movies by searching their suggested or targeted age demographics. You may also want to look through our resource here from ages 0 to 5 years old to make other developmental comparisons.

It sounds like you have an idea of your regressed age-range and that's cool. You can use that idea to dive a little bit deeper in and pinpoint more precisely by searching things like, "What do kids 3-5 like to do/watch/wear/play/..."

As you explore yourself you should absolutely trust your own feelings on this and don’t over-analyze yourself looking to be an exact replica of a biological child or teenager. You know yourself much more than you realize! Don't pressure yourself to become "more" of something just because it feels like you should be able to match some examples or what you believe to be is more "authentic". Just because one or two things fall far outside of the age range you're seeing of your other interests doesn't mean you aren't the most frequently appearing age/age-range either--remember, littles are littles by personality and not a mental impairment so you will retain the maturation and skills you've acquired throughout growth (throwing some expectations off).

Accept your own answers and embrace yourself.

If you're asking if the age range of 3-5 makes you a toddler type of little then the answer would be, generally, yes--mostly. You would be an older toddler and/or a young child. You can check out the age-range breakdowns on our resource guide.

Enjoy your personal journey! :bye:

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