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By Deleted User 60734
I am really new to this, like just discovered this is a thing a few weeks ago so I am still trying to figure things out. I know labels aren't the biggest thing but I was just wondering how others discovered their age or age range. I live with a slightly more conservative family so I can never explore this side of me besides going online so I'd really like to know more about this.

I think I might be boarding around a child and a teen or just all over the place which is why I can't find a range for myself. I also think because I am 19 which isn't that much older, which is why it's also hard to figure it out since I don't have anyone to talk to or act how I want to.
i feel the whole "unable to show my little self b/c of family" thing

but w my little age, i decided on what age range based on how i act when little(tho im unable to completely regress due to family possibly finding out, i use how i think when little, along w any little actions i do when alone and regressed). ur little age is whatever age u feel like/want to be. w myself, i had actually taken child development classes in hs, and base my little age on actual motor and cognitive development of children.
A helpful starting point that has helped many age regressors is to make a list of your interests that you're aware of that are not quite age-appropriate. This can include things like movies, television shows, games, and other activities that you are aware of being a bit atypical. From there you will be able to search the internet for the target age-range of these things.

For example, if you really get lost in watching something like Blue's Clues and it makes the list as being one of your favorite activities then you might search the internet for it's targeted age range.
"Blue's Clues target age" when searched comes up as 3-5 years old. So, you'd write down Blue's Clues - 3-5 on your list so that you can glance down at the numbers for your estimated range.
Once you've written down an estimated age-range of these things it should give you a little idea of what is a more common range in your interests. You can look for common ages that are popping up on the list most frequently.

Some people also simply search for age range interests and gain an understanding at that point. You could search for "TV shows for age 5" and get a reasonable idea if some of your favorite shows fall into that age, give or take a couple of years probably. This might be a slower way of carrying out this investigation but it can be valuable, especially once you have an idea of your age-range so that you can further explore other interests you may have (but not even be aware of yet).

This is something that is definitely going to take a lot of time and effort. It isn't going to be something you'll be able to just glance at or it would've already happened for you. That isn't a bad thing. Some of the very best things in life take effort to figure out.

As you explore yourself you should absolutely trust your own feelings on this and don’t over-analyze yourself looking to be an exact replica of a biological child or teenager. You know yourself much more than you realize! Don't pressure yourself to become "more" of something just because it feels like you should to be able to match some examples or what you believe to be is more "authentic". Just because one or two things fall far outside of the age range you're seeing of your other interests doesn't mean you aren't the commonly appear age/age-range either--remember, littles are littles by personality and not a mental impairment so you will retain the maturation and skills you've acquired throughout growth (throwing some expectations off).

Lastly, know that you may not have a specific, pinpointed age-specific comparison but you may fluctuate on a scale, such as from 2 to 6 or something. I know some people who feel they have a younger little age (example being 2-4) sometimes, but also a middle age (example being 10-12) at other times. Another potential is that you are a "general age regressor" (or, as most people would say, just a little) that fluctuates more fluidly on a much broader, unspecified spectrum. The best advice I can offer with that is to embrace yourself!

Best of luck on your journey of personal discovery.
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