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How many littles here use baby talk in real life? I had someone on Kik tell me I wouldn't make friends if I used baby talk
We only ever did our baby voice with friends and partners that understood that we wanted to express ourselves as Little AND appreciated our littleness. There's always a time and a place for everything, and it isn't necessary to maleness reference to your regression when carrying out unrelated interactions.

Friendship can be attained by any means. But, just as you would like to be accepted for the choices you make, in this case using little speak, you should also accept other people's choices in interacting with you.
i would if i had the privacy to babble and stuff, but thats not possible out of fear that my mother would catch me orz

when i am feeling little, i will babble mentally if that makes sense?? like, when little, if i wanna color, i wont think "i feel like coloring right now" but "i wan' cowor nows"
ill also type in "little speak" if im interacting w the community while regressed :pen:
I don't really use baby talk per se, but my little-minded self likes to babble and sometimes it can show in my sentence structure and a word here or there when I'm on chat. XD In person I'm very excitable and can get a little loud.

Lots of people on here use baby talk though, and I wouldn't discourage you from it. ^^
:pinkh: I tend to baby talk or babble when I’m little but it comes out a lot more if i have a caregiver and talking to them or other little friends who also talk that way or don’t mind me talking that way :pinkh:
Let me clarify that i only use little talk when in my little space, and then rarely in real life. Usually, it's online when talking with other lttles. But, i do want to be able to use little talk when in my little space and comfortable with the people i'm with
I don't really use baby talk, some things in the way I talk might change but not to any greater extent, and it never shows up in writing. It's kinda funny that you said someone on kik said you wouldn't make friends if you did (If I understood correctly) because I've been feeling the opposite way kinda, like so many littles uses baby talk and I don't, so I feel like I wont get other little friends because of that, and sometimes I feel less like a valid little, which isn't the case I know that, but feelings are hard to ignore!

I don't think using, or not using, baby talk should affect whether someone gets more little friends, at least it shouldn't so I hope not :splode:
Most of the time I don't use baby talk but occasionally if I am especially regressed I might slip into it for a sentence or two without realizing it until I do. Online I don't type baby talk and often find it difficult to understand what other users are saying when they type it.
Well, for me it’s not necessarily baby talk, but I do make random sounds at times like gurgling, and babbling random words (like gagagaga) repeatedly while running sort of more like fast walking (at home) down the hallway to my studio (where my instruments are and my TV).
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