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I don't know what to think about it.He said that i have to see a doctor because i can't say what i am only by reading about it online,and people will see me as "not normal".He also said that he's sure it's only a phase i'll (and need) to grow up from,and nobody he knows has this interest.I felt so sad that i cried,he's so bigot and I don't know what to say to him because everything i say about agere and co he has a negative response...
Later on that day i said to him that he made me feel sad so he said: "Sorry,but this thing is so weird that I don't know how to take it" :sick:
Sorry for any mistakes,i'm italian (and argentinian)
i dont know if hes a good person in general, but hes definitely not good for u
no one who cares about u and ur well being should ever make u feel like a freak for being "different"; hes obviously not understanding and supportive of u being the way u are, and thats just not right
I concur with the princess up there. ^^ I know that age regression can be seen as odd to different people, but those who really care about you and see how much it means to you will not try to make you feel like you don't know your own self. The fact that he seems to think you're only getting the idea from online makes me think that he doesn't respect your own insight into who you are, and his concern for you seeming 'not normal' to others almost seems more like he doesn't want the association rather than out of concern for your feelings.

If I had told my wife that her believing she was a girl was 'only a phase' before we got engaged, my life would have been very different and I guarantee you that she would not have been in it.

Is it possible that HE might have the wrong idea about littles in general and thinks that this means he has to be your 'daddy' and all that it amounts to? I could see how that would be a lot to take in all at once (wifey is not my mommy, after all), but it would boil down to what the both of you want from your relationship and that being clearly established.

I think what it comes to is that if he really cares about you, he needs to realize that this is a part of who you are, and even if he doesn't understand it fully, he needs to at least accept it. If not, then you might be better served going your separate ways. It sucks, but nobody should have to hide or smother who they are in a relationship and expect it to thrive.
I think the same,the thing is that he's toooo conservative,he's almost homophobe (thinks that homosexual people are wrong and against nature,horrible for parenting etc) and his mother has got psychosis and him,being traumatized from that,is scared that i could become like her in some way...and it's offensive for me
I just recently left my daddy, though he knew a lot he did not know I wore diapers ever... and but he did see my pasci.. it was beautiful what we shared, but he couldn’t give me what I wanted in terms of a stable relationship. He was married and had some manic stuff going on that would leave me feeling so dropped and down. I had to put myself first. I thought this was it. And it was the first time I ever called somebody daddy. He loved this and would dress me and stuff, totally was into it, but sadly, not good enough to me. You need someone who will cherish you and not put you down or shame your identity or kinks. Good luck BellaSara you don’t need someone bringing you down
I feel that people who are strongly against, unaccepting of, or just generally hate the community simply have a poor understanding of what age regression is and how it does not affect them or anyone other than the person who regresses. I don’t believe it’s their conscious fault for being cold toward us, and I don’t believe they are bad. I don’t feel this is a black or white situation where I can give the blanket assumption that you are incompatible, but I feel you do have the power to formulate a better educational plan for this person if you choose for them to be in your life.

People who don’t understand something well are more likely to act aggressively or hostile toward it. It’s an act of human defense and keeps most of us from falling blindly into social dangers, such as cults.

How these things are revealed to another person does matter. It’s important to always inform the person you’re coming out to that you are not asking for their participation or even agreement in your revelation. It’s important to provide them with accessible resources, such as direct links to articles you fully believe are accurate, so that they have the power to learn more outside of your single conversation. It’s important to clarify that regression is not a chosen way to “cope” or a mental disorder that could disrupt your daily life as a fully functioning adult. Using the words such as “mood” and “personality trait” are important because everyone experiences different moods and it’s easy to point out a bubbly personality trait versus others so that there are examples outside of the regression concept. The less foreign and more normal this concept seems will make it easier for the person to accept as existing.

Your partner is likely at least partially attracted to you for some of your quirky, childlike attitudes, moods, and expressions of personality. Personality preferences are strong factors in compatibility. It could have felt jolting to have a label put not only on your non-traditional moods but also your partners attraction in others.

So, I would reason that your partner is not necessarily against your regression but may have a lack of clear understanding of it and may feel that they are being pressured to also participate in this concept that is new to them. They may feel pressured to not only accept a new label on you but also on their attraction, and that new labeling may feel pushed upon them or alienating since it implies it’s unusual.

I would suggest to give your partner space from this concept for some time while preparing for a better conversation that can leave them with the power to learn more when they choose, if they choose. It will also be important to let them know that you are fully functional despite your different moods and that they do not need to consider engaging with you during these moments. You can revisit the conversation after some time has passed and your partner sees there is no pressure for them to act differently with you.

Ultimately, this may come down to agreeing it be an unspoken part of you. I don’t necessarily feel that is a bad thing for all relationships. Sometimes we do not need labels or acknowledgement of our differences. We just need to be and enjoy being.
Just to reiterate and after sober second thought ... this person could be scared legitimately so writing them off entirely if they have not been cruel or awful to you may be overdoing it. Maybe try another conversation if you can feel safe and set expectations to feel comfortable.....

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