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Hello everyone! My name is Emma and this is my first post on here since I am a new member hehe. I am not sure if this is something that only happens to me, or if it is more common, but, sometimes I struggle to get into the little headspace. I get so overwhelmed with my life sometimes, it just makes it really difficult to focus on destressing. I would really appreciate any help that you guys could give me, since some nights it gets really bad and I am just stuck without being able to have a moment's peace. Thank you so much for any advice <3 <3
Moo moo!

This site has very cool resources! We encourage you to look through them. One of the articles is "How to get into Littlespace", and it gives very good advice on how to do so.

There are already posts answering this question. Here are a few of them!
We hope that these are helpful to you, and that you're able to successfully regress!

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One thing that I found helps for me is compartmentalizing (is that a word? :bye: ) my things that are overwhelming me, and understanding why they are making me feel a certain way, and kind of establishing a game plan in my head for those things. Once I figure out how I can deal with them, i can put them aside and destress, and get into my little space!

If life is getting too much for you to relax and get in littlespace, try to figure out solutions for stuff thats making you upset, or dedicate time to work on them, and help clear your mind a bit. You can always also talk to people and vent if youre having hard times, that always helps!

Just my 2 cents, if i wasnt clear enuf or you wana talk more feel free to msg me :3

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