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Hello I am a little. I’ve been interested and everything. I think it still scares me to call someone daddy. :paci: :pacy: Because I’m scared of ruining something. If I constantly call them daddy I feel like it makes me happy and it makes me the one in control and not them.
-Also searching for a daddy currently
Hi I have a similar problem. My Dom is Sir has been from the start. He always said he had a Daddy side. I want him to explore it and quite like the little side of me. However, to call him Daddy? I’m not sure. I don’t hate it and tbh when he calls himself it I melt a little so not sure why I can’t actually say it!
Maybe try a different word that represents the same thing? I absolutely couldn’t get into calling my caregiver Daddy, so we agreed that I could call him Papa, and that works much better for us. I still sometimes have trouble saying it out loud, but it’s been getting easier as time goes on.
it can be rough to start calling someone daddy. i think it's best to talk with them about how you feel about it and ask how they feel, if there's something else they'd prefer to be called (papa, sir, etc), and what they'd want the dynamic to feel like. make sure you voice your opinions on things as well. open communication is almost always the best course of action. :pinkh:
Hello! You say you don't wanna mess things up by calling him daddy.. It seems like you're scared of what he will think? :arr: I agree with what others have said. Talk to him about it and see how he feels about you calling him daddy! There is also other words that you or him may be more comfy with like papa, baba, sir, etc. And don't forget to also talk about how often you would call him that! Find something that works best for you two! Good luck :bheart:

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