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By Malcaboy
If you do something that highly upsets your little or unsettles them, do you give them the opportunity to respond to it with a punishment of some form?
I mean that depends on what kind of relationship you have with your little. There is no punishment of any sort in my relationship with my little. We discuss things. Feelings are expressed and recognised. If they need to cry it is encouraged and hugs are had. If there is a matter of one of us not being happy with something done or said it is brought up. Apologies are made and a solution is worked out.
Exactly how we treat my little's kids actually.

If punishment is part of your dynamic how is it done? Do you also take on a role of dom as well as caregiver? Would letting your little punish you undermine that? Would you be better served taking an authoritative parent role?

When you upset your little it can be a good opportunity to discuss how these things could be dealt with that pleases both people.
When Sir does something to upset me I talk to him about it. Sometimes it takes a little bit to open up exactly what's wrong, but he'll notice I'm acting off. We don't have reverse punishments for things, but we do discuss what happened and he will apologize if it is warranted and usually give me some cuddles, extra attention, and reassurance with the apology.

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