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By SparkleLime
My daddy and I are long distance. But also wanting tv rules. Can anyone share what there rules are for tv? I [REMOVED].

Tank you
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By CosmianAndNovella
Welcome to the board!

First off, when staying your Regression age, state it like "my Regression age is 4 years old". It is important to make the distinction between ageplayers and actual children.

We can only suggest setting rules to tackle specific needs. A rule without a reason to exist doesn't make sense to have. Do you have issues with binging TV/entertainment? Is TV in the way of having healthy interactions with other people, or hindering your development in any way? What we're saying is, if TV isn't a major issue in your life, then it isn't worth making it seem like it is.

Assuming you do need somebody's help to break bad TV habits, we can suggest very basic things. Think of it this way:

"What TV is appropriate for biological 4 year-olds to be watching? What is it okay to be watching unsupervised? What is it okay to be watching while being supervised? What is definitely not okay to watch? Is anything rated TV-G okay to watch? Are there personal biases against certain shows to be mindful about?"

A show that's rated for children doesn't make it appropriate for all children. Our Mommy doesn't let us watch SpongeBob, but we don't have a rule for it. It's mostly a "just don't watch it" type a deal, and we happily comply.

Most biological children don't need so many rules anyway. We suggest to just focus on bonding with your significant other. Adding rules unnecessarily can lead to guilt and disappointment when being broken.

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