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By AikaRose

I'm in need of some help right now.

My boyfriend, who was also my Daddy /Caregiver has recently made me feel he does not wish to be my Daddy anymore.

Its been happening for a few months now but whenever I would go into my Little Space he would avoid or distance himself from me.

He wouldn't speak to me as well until I was in my Big Space..

He will avoid anything I do in little space or even try and stop me from being in Little space..

And the other night I told him that I was going to regress however he said not to....

I don't know what to do anymore about the situation..

I usually try to just Ignore it but sometimes it would hurt me so bad I cant help but be ripped out of my little space and fall into my depression..

I love my boyfriend but I dont know what to do..

Its already difficulty to tell him how I feel on topics cause he will easily get offensive the moment I dont agree with him.

But at the same time I need my little space as it is one of my only few healthy coping skills.

I know I can just avoid him when in little space however that would hurt me as well because when I am in my regression space I want to spend time with my caregiver, I want to receive their cuddles, love and affection, and more.

But he wont do that for me anymore and I dont know what to do..

I miss my Daddy so much....please help..
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By admin
It could very well be that your partner is quietly suffering through Caregiver Burnout. They could even be unaware this is happening to them.

It sounds to me that you will need to open up a conversation with your partner to uncover their thoughts and feelings about the choice (perhaps even subconsciously) they’ve made to withdraw from parenting you. Speculation can only get us so far. You will need to communicate with your partner. He may need you to help investigate himself and recover back to your happy normal.

As a side topic, please be aware that regression is not a “healthy coping skill”. I would suggest you rethink how you are phrasing this and to take on the more accurate terminology that this is a part of your personality versus a learned behavior of avoidance.
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By AikaRose

Alright thank you ^^
I will try to help him the best I can if he is having a CG Burnout

And Im sorry about my use of saying its a 'coping skill', there are times that I do use it to cope but I didnt mean that its the only reason I regress, I will try to use different wording next time.
Im sorry for any inconveniences it may have caused
I'm very sorry to hear that Aika Rose, It's a horrible thing to not find a good daddy. I'm in search of a caregiver or a babygirl but haven't found ir yet. Just keep searching, hope I helped. :bye:

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