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couple of days ago i ordered pizza and when the delivery guy came i opened the door for it as i was. i wasn't naked or just in a diaper, actually i was in my ni ni footie with cat ears in my hair and diapers underneath my PJ. I saw the disgust, anger and hate in his eyes so, i decided to wear something over my night time clothes nex time. But i have been wondering about it a lot and i realized that, hey, actually it is MY house and i wasn't naked or anything like that, so, my question is:

Is it Ok to open the door in a footie for the pizza guy?
I would say it's perfectly fine. It's your house after all. Just as long as you're safe, that's all that'll matter.

Besides, I answered the door and took in a delivery for a dining set today in my polar bear feetie pyjamas. The delivery crew came in my house and all. I gave them a smile; they smiled back.

I guess if you hold your nerve, and don't feel bad about something you shouldn't need to, then you'll be fine for the next time. I don't know if this post helped, just thought you might like a second opinion on the matter.
One of the rules of BDSM is, "only involve people who consent." So, in my opinion, that covers an obvious CG/Little dynamic in front of strangers. However, I see being Little similarly to being transgender or gay, or anything else queer. You shouldn't feel bad for you being you in front of strangers. Just don't force them to interact (including observation) in your dynamic with your CG. Maybe in five years people will accept CGL couples like they do lesbian couples, but until then best not to freak out the normies too much. That's how we get dumb laws.

This is just my opinion, tho.
When you say footie do you mean a onesie? Honestly if he had a problem that’s on him. It’s your home and you should feel comfortable no matter what. I mean it sounds like you looked pretty cute so don’t let it bother you. If he wants to judge you can’t control that he’s probably uncomfortable about himself and judges because of that. As long as your not naked or wearing something that’s inappropriate for public consumption wear whatever you like. If it makes you happy other people can deal.
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