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I feel like this is a little weird, but I actually start feeling anxious BECAUSE I feel little. Usually I'm fine with it, and I get super excited about building the perfect little room for myself someday, and I love all my little clothes I have and all my toys. But sometimes, I get really anxious and almost sick feeling because of it . It happened again about half an hour ago, I was buying a lot of cutesy stuff to try and motivate myself to be better to myself. (Sanrio planner, and stickers as a reward, and a matching thermos so I can drink more water.) And I'm SO excited for them! However, I felt like I was getting anxious over the fact I bought these things. These things weren't even obviously little, they're just super cute stuff, and sanrio is really popular so no one would really question it. But I still felt anxious, like I was too little or something. It's possible it's just a strange transition/adjustment thing, but I just wanted to hear about other people's experiences when they were accepting that side of them, if they had a difficult time with it, and also let others know if they struggle with something similar that there's at least one other person that feels this way! :what:

Although one of Littlespace's core components is relaxation, we can see how unaddressed thoughts and feelings can cause turmoil.

Growing up in the community, we've unfortunately witnessed other members go through binge/purge cycles. Where they go through Little gear shopping sprees, and become heavily involved in the community for a short period of time, before disposing most of it, if not all and going cold turkey.

We never personally went through any sort of discomfort like this. However, it wasn't always that we were 100% certain of our own identity as Littles. It took us many years to figure out that our Regression age was abnormal, within newborn-infancy stages. And even after such discovery, it took a while to fully embrace ourselves and be most comfortable with our newfound perspective.

We are glad to know that you're addressing your anxiety, though! It makes us happy that other Littles just like us seek to find more about themselves and explore the meaning of Littlespace, and partake in all the joys of feeling like a child again!

Keep at it. Keep doing the things that you feel make you happiest, and little by little your Little personality traits will become a bigger part of your day to day, and feel most natural!

:bheart: :pheart: :pinkh:
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