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Middle-Little Blues

Posted: |December 4th, 2019|, 12:10 am
by Ryunne
Everyone here on little space has been so kind since I have joined and I'm so grateful for that! :splode:

I'm in this weird spot right now feeling real lost and lonely. Coming to terms with and identifying as a middle is both... strange and familiar at the same time. My little age seems to usually float in the 8-10 range during an average regression, but sometimes soars a little bit higher. I wouldn't exactly say I am the angsty type of middle so as much as the "ditzy /spacey lover boi" . It's hard to identify and find the space where I belong or even if I do. A lot of the time I question if I am even wanted, or if I am just here to take up space.

I'm sure all this self doubt is passing blues...but I guess it helps to talk about that kinda stuff too. After a way we're all one big-little family. :pheart: