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By Deleted User 56644
Does anyone genuinely fear that even their closest of vanilla buds may be grossed out or even avoid you if they ever found out you like wearing diapers?
Does anyone feel any guilt in keeping such a secret or do you feel fine and that it is no ones business to begin with?
Even if that is the case, does anyone secretly desire to have a close vanilla bud they could tell about their little side?
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By littlefiger
When I was in my late teens and early 20's I found out about ab/dl. It was one of those "me realizing who I am" moments, I should inform people. I told my sisters and my closest friends over the course of a month. My sisters and friends said the same thing "As long as you not hurting anyone, that's fine. We don't need to know everything about your personal life." Since then, I've kept it mostly under wraps. Not because of a fear of what people will think but because "Do they really need to know?" Unless it's something that they will be interacting with, I don't think they do. It's one thing because some people are medium about it, some people will freak out because they think the worst, and on occasion, some people will embrace it. I have a best friend who's a care take for me and a boyfriend who embraces my life and encourages it. We do this in privacy of our own home but we don't see a need to make our friends and family aware of it all the time.

So the best I can offer is:
"Do they need to know?"
If yes, don't go full into details and the intricacies of what's involved unless they press the matter or are genuinely curious about it.
If no, let it be.

Most people I encounter, don't really care what you do in your personal life unless it directly affects them.
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By WeatherGuy15
I have to agree with littlefiger, my friends don't need to know about my personal life. The ones I would even consider telling in the first place are those who either already know because I met them through the ab/dl community, or because I trust and care for them more than a "normal" friend. If that makes any sense. There is no need for me to be vocal about it. Now if I ever gained the confidence to start wearing 24/7, then maybe I would really think about having some kind of response. But until that time, its my private business, and I'd tell a friend only if I really thought they should know. I'm not scared of anyone finding out, I'm more scared I wouldn't be able to explain everything properly, though thats kinda helped by the resources available on this site. :paci:
I can totally relate, I've always been the kind if person who wants to share everything with everyone, and have everyone do the same with me. But I am really nervous about how people would react if I told them. So far it's honey me, my caregiver, and one of my brothers that know. As much as I want to tell people and be open about it and have everyone treat me the way I want to be treated, I don't think that will happen. I think we'll just have to learn to be ok with that.
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By SmolHyo
I feel very terrified to let people know as well considering I'm a very happy person who likes to tell people when something exciting happens. Like finding out who I am and what I like. Aside from me only my best friend and one of my coworkers know that I'm a little but I have a large amount of people I know that will either judge me or try to act creepy and make something sexual out of it and I really don't want that in my life. I wish we could all just do what makes us most comfortable at any given time and no one would think to judge us. Sooorrry if I started to rant there :omfg: :derp:
I hear you!
I’ve been in the lifestyle as a sub for nearly twenty years. I’m 37 now and as I’ve grown and reflected and looked inside in a really honest way, there was something missing in my D/s relationships. ( I was a closet little! 😮) I cannot believe that this didn’t occur to me sooner. I’ve always been rather eccentric and child-like; I thought it was just my personality. And it is! But... it runs sooo much deeper than that. It really is SO exciting!
I recently met the most incredible Daddy and feel a strong bond forming.
My mind, too, has wandered to “ how the heck do I explain THIS to outsiders? “ The DD/lg dynamic is still so taboo. Maybe the answer is simply that we don’t share it with others and stick to a trusted few. Share your excitement with your Daddy and your friend! 🙂
Regardless, I’m super happy for you!!!!
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