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I am a trans middle, (female to male) and am okay looking very cutesy and girly, as long as I'm called a 'he' especially while I'm in middle space. So far I've found that this is a total no-no for lots of CG's! In other offsite chatrooms, I find that I get attention when I post pictures of myself, but as soon as CG's (especially DD's) in my experience hear that I'd rather be called a little prince, (even if I still wear pretty pinks and dresses) they vanish! I've even been blocked as if I hid it even though I'm very open about it and it says I'm FtM on my profile!! Due to how embarrassing this can be IRL, I personally have been kinda turned off from looking for a CG IRL to spend time with because of it.

Are there just lots of CG's who don't know what trans means? Are little girls more popular than little boys? And how much does biological age and gender have to do with it for you?

As a middle, I honestly am not super concerned how my CG identifies, but I am also, admittedly biased because I am demi/pansexual.

And one last question, if you are taking care of an Asexual little, does their gender still matter to you? :heart: :hugs:

I hope we can talk about this in depth here!
Gender and sexuality have never mattered to me! I've always been very open about how other people identify. My brother is trans (FtM) and I accept him wholeheartedly. I don't think gender or sexuality should matter. It's what's inside that counts. But so many people see things on an artificial level, it's gross. Just because you identify as a boy doesn't mean you can't wear a dress. Wear whatever you want! As long as it makes you happy and you arent' hurting anyone I don't see a problem.
I myself am asexual, so I'm very interested in hearing others thoughts on the last question!
I can't answer your question as a CG. But, I'm the opposite so to speak. IE... male that identifies as a little girl. Even when I'm not feeling little I just don't feel male. I consider myself to be gender fluid/transgender. Overall, I think it's important to be open about yourself and happy with who you are. I guess I think of it like anything else. Most couples are heterosexual so logically most caregivers are as well. Like any real relationship I think it's just about finding the right person. It does help to have people you feel you can talk to about things though and know others feel the same way you do.
I'm a female to male little too! Little girls are definitely an overwhelming majority. And Daddies especially tend more toward the female littles ^^;;;
But boy littles exist, and ftm boy littles exist (I'm one!) so you're definitely not alone! A lot of people don't really understand the difference between gender identity and gender expression. I too like to dress up in pastels and even on occasion skirts and make-up, but you won't catch my mommy calling me anything but her little prince.
It really just depends on your cg's education. If you're expressing femininely, they might be uneducated and become confused. You may want to look for CG's who are specifically looking for a little boy!
I'm an ftm little who has a fantastic CG, so don't give up hope! It's absolutely possible :>
Little boys, particularly of the trans variety, are unfortunately ignored in the Little community. We're quiet, but we're there! Message me any time if you need someone to talk to! :>
I personally don't have any issues with my littles being one gender or another, or trans, or gender fluid. I what them, to know they are loved by there Daddy/CG and not exiled for feeling born into the wrong body so to speak. I do have other questions for you of a, err, very personal nature that I feel need to be asked in pm. I hope I don't/didn't scare you away with those questions, but I feel it very useful knowledge. and it might help, at least help me understand trans gender a bit more.
I'm a trans little too. FtM. I feel the same way that you do, it makes me honestly feel like people are ignoring, disrespecting, or fearful/hateful of my gender identity. I feel as though people gravitate towards cis-gendered males or females for their littles and it feels hurtful. Being in the community and being trans is something I ave found to be very discouraging and hard, but I've been trying to stay positive. I haven't even managed to find anyone that will give me a chance to date in the community yet.
HOWEVER, all of that being said, I have made some very good friends and really enjoyed being a part of littlespace online. It has definitely made me feel accepted and connected to the community and it's a safe and fun place to be. :)
I believe that things will get better and easier once there are more of us around as both littles and caregivers.
I'm an older DD, so I have had lots of baby girl, baby boys, and littles that were boys and girls. I never understood how you can say you are a caregiver or DD but not love everyone the same. Love is not sexual, in it's purest form, it has nothing to do with sex or the sex of the person. I love both men and women equally and I wish there was more like me that do this out of love and not for the physical pleasure I see so many new DD's or MD's. Always stay true to thy self no matter what other's think.

From a friend
I'm a non-binary CG who uses the pronoun ey/em. I'm also pan and demi and part of a polycule of 4.
My Little Lady calls me Daddy. She was very careful and polite asking if she could call me Daddy even though I dislike gendered pronouns. It doesn't bother me though. I think of it as a title.

I have no problem with the LGBTQ community in the CGL community as I don't connect with gender.

Keep looking. There will be someone out there for you.
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