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By JuneStar
Do you have a favorite stuffie? Or one that is very special for certain moments? When do you play with your stuffies? Just in littlespace? Or when you're upset and in need of extra cuddles?

I have three teddy bears, a white bunny, and a super neat tiger. I'm not sure that I have a favorite though. I like them all pretty equally for different reasons. I think I'd have a whole lot of stuffies around if I bought every one of them that I saw that I liked though :lol:

I never see a little with a collection of stuffies but I'm sure it exists! Maybe someone will share their collection with us by posting a photo in the Showing Off section? That'd be kind of cool to me.
By chubbybunny
I have a stuffed bunny rabbit that my ex-Daddy bought me before we split. The bunny is super soft and I love it a lot. When I'm having a bad day is when I usually cuddle up with it on the bed, but, otherwise, I kind of neglect it. Poor thing...
By little-buttercup83
I have Froggys that Daddy has surprised me with: Prince, Grundel, Gamora (she's Grundel's little), Jean-Bob, Pinkie Hearts, Speckles and Skippy.
I absolutely love snuggling them (mainly Grundel and Skippy) . Not just when I am in little space because I honestly pop in and out of little space all the time or both little and big at the same time. If I'm having a stressful or emotional day then they do get extra snuggles. Sometimes a froggy or two sit with me while I color or watch big shows. All depends on the mood and the moment.
I currently only have one lovey. It is a white stuffed lamb I named "Lamby". I sleep with Lamby every night and cuddle with Lamby on and off throughout the day. When I am having one on one time with Daddy I always have Lamby nearby :)
By littlesophia13
I have a bunch on my bed and sleep with them every night x3
I have Lamby troll, grumpycat ball, lovey the giraffe, bubbles the kraken, Freddy Krueger stuffy, Fiona from adventure time :)

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